Our new Kings Mountain Vineyards shopping cart at VinoShipper is the easiest way to check for any restrictions on a shipping destination. Ordering through VinoShipper simplifies the process for retail delivery, and we highly recommend giving it a try. More details about possible restrictions when ordering directly from our winery are listed below.

The sale and shipment of alcoholic beverages is strictly regulated, even prohibited in many localities. Wine shipments to destinations with laws that don't allow delivery can be seized and "destroyed" by the carrier. Besides confirming that the buyer is an adult, we use shipping services that require an adult to sign for acceptance of the package.

We ship only to destinations where we are permitted. Many states prohibit any import of alcohol and do not issue shipping permits. There are also "dry" counties, towns, and devout communities with their own laws. It is very important to know your local regulations regarding wine delivery, as we will not be responsible for any additional fees, taxes, or confiscations. International buyers especially need to be aware that Duty or VAT fees on importing our wine to your country may be a significant portion of the cost.

We restrict orders to only those regions where we are permitted. If our shopping cart is not accepting an order from your region (or temporarily shows an excessive shipping fee), yet you know that direct wine shipment to consumers is allowed, please contact us by phone so that we can verify and obtain any permits necessary to complete your order or arrange for legal delivery.

Our shipper will not deliver wine to a PO box. If someone 21 years of age or older will not be available to sign for our delivery at your residence during the day, consider shipping wine to a workplace. Another option is to request that we have your shipment held for pickup with your ID at the shipper's customer counter, with a notification on arrival.

To preserve the quality of our wine, it should not be subjected to unpleasant temperatures. Please be aware of unusual weather over the shipping route to prevent delays in hot or icy conditions, as we will not be responsible for preventable spoilage.

We use packaging designed to safely deliver wine, which comes in four sizes: single bottles, a three bottle pack, a half-case package for six bottles, and full cases of 12 bottles. Other quantities will either have empty spaces or require multiple separate shipping packages, which could increase the cost.

For compliance reasons, your order is not immediately charged to your credit card at checkout. The estimated amount is only authorized, being held available until the order is processed and shipped. The final amount reflects the actual shipping fees, and is usually less than the automated estimate. Like credit card authorization for lodging and rentals, you may see the separate authorization listed in your bank card transactions, but only the final amount is actually debited using the same ID. This simplifies the handling of order changes and unshippable orders.

We are required to report wine shipments as part of obtaining a shipping permit to various states. The states also want sales tax, and so we collect the base tax rate. For California, we collect our local Woodside tax rate according to state law.

Case quantity discounts will automatically appear in the shopping cart on checkout. Please contact us for wholesale price discounts on larger orders. Also consider that while your state may allow direct wine shipment, you could be restricted to a "reasonable" quantity per year.